The power of a company manifesto: crafting your Nature venture’s compass

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This week, we’re diving into a tool that’s as much about soul-searching as it is about strategy: the company manifesto, or better say the Nature venture manifesto!

I frequently hear from nature leaders like you that you must spend a lot of time aligning people. Others want to help with your mission. But sooner or later, it becomes chaos because everyone is running in a different direction.

We are just onboarding the first volunteers at Wildya. So, I want to avoid this and give people a clear direction on where we have to go.

After writing Wildya’s manifesto this week, I realized the profound impact these statements can have. I am not talking about a brand manifesto here, which is different from a company manifesto. Don’t worry. I’ll dive into this aspect below while also sharing with you how to create your own manifesto, which tools to look at, and a transparent company manifesto example.

Do you want to enhance the power of your nature venture? Sit down, get a pen and a notebook, and learn more about this essential business process!

Company manifesto: definition & co

What is a company manifesto?

Think of a company manifesto as your venture’s declaration of intent.

It’s not just a statement of what you do but a bold proclamation of why you do it, your core values, and your vision for the future.

It’s your guiding star, keeping you aligned with your mission, especially in the dynamic world of nature ventures.

Simply put, a company manifesto is a formal and public declaration that outlines the core principles, values, and intentions of a corporation or an NGO. It serves as a compass for decision-making and behaviors, providing a framework for the collective aspirations and commitments of your nature venture’s leadership and workforce.

This document is a tool for integrity, ensuring that the actions of the company align with its declared mission and holding the company accountable to its promises and vision for the future.

What is the difference between a company and a brand manifesto?

A company manifesto and a brand manifesto both serve as guiding documents, but they address different aspects of an organization’s identity and audience.

A company manifesto is a declaration of your Nature venture’s core values, long-term vision, and ethical principles. It communicates your internal culture and strategic direction, aiming to unify your teammates under a common purpose.

On the other hand, a brand manifesto focuses on the outward-facing image and emotional connection that the brand seeks to build with its customers. It emphasizes your brand’s personality, the experience it promises, and how it aspires to fit into your consumer’s or donor’s lifestyle (if you are a Nature NGO).

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7 priceless reasons to create a company manifesto

1. Alignment

A company manifesto brings alignment to your business or NGO by clearly communicating your foundational beliefs, purpose, and strategic objectives.

It fosters a shared culture and provides a touchstone for decision-making, ensuring that actions at all levels of your Nature venture are coherent with your core values.

This alignment minimizes intra-company conflicts and unifies your team. This is essential for seamless collaboration, operational efficiency, and cohesive progression towards your ambitions.

2. Direction

A company manifesto gathers all the essential principles and aspirations of your organization.

It works as a guiding document that informs all business decisions and serves as a reference point that ensures consistency across various levels of strategy and operations.

When faced with choices, you and your team members can look to the manifesto to determine which options best align with the company’s stated goals and values.

By doing this, the manifesto helps direct not just the big-picture moves but also the day-to-day actions. Like this, you make sure every decision supports the company’s overarching purpose and trajectory.

3. Inspiration

This statement is a powerful tool for triggering passion by declaring your venture core purpose and vision.

It goes beyond profits and performance metrics to tap into a deeper sense of meaning in the work. Your collaborators (teammates, customers, donors, etc.) understand how their individual roles contribute to a grander scheme.

This truly helps them find motivation and inspiration in their daily tasks, knowing they are part of something bigger than themselves.

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4. Differentiation

A company manifesto distinguishes your Nature business or NGO from your competitors by defining your unique stance and core values with clarity and conviction.

Rather than blending into the market, your manifesto outlines your singular philosophy, values, and strategic direction, highlighting what makes it distinct and exceptional.

It communicates to customers, investors, and potential employees the essence of the company’s identity, the promises it upholds, and the impact it aspires to make.

This clear differentiation creates a strong brand image that resonates with stakeholders and establishes you as a leader with a definitive voice in your field.

5. Connection

When you openly communicate its guiding principles through a manifesto, it invites customers and stakeholders into your inner world, offering a transparent look at the ‘why’ behind your operations.

This revelation of core values and convictions resonates with individuals who share similar ideals, converting what might have been a superficial customer relationship into a meaningful alliance.

By seeing their own values reflected in yours, the audience feels part of a community, strengthening their loyalty and trust in your work and actions.

6. Motivation

Staying motivated in the current world can be tricky, especially when looking at the news about biodiversity, climate change, and so on.

Creating a company manifesto keeps you & the entire team motivated, especially when navigating challenging business terrains.

It’s an inspirational touchstone, particularly during challenging times. By encapsulating the company’s foundational purpose and vision, it provides a sense of stability and direction when things get tough.

Each time obstacles arise, the manifesto acts as a beacon. It reminds people of the bigger picture and the shared goals they are working towards.

7. Credibility

Lastly, a key reason to write your company manifesto is to enhance credibility by transparently showcasing your company’s dedication to a cause.

Your manifesto serves as a public and definitive statement of your business and NGO’s core values and mission. It’s a great opportunity to emphasize your commitment to not just stakeholders but society at large.

We live in a world where authenticity is highly valued. This tangible expression of a genuine and honest approach builds trust and reassures everyone who can help you grow your Nature venture (consumers, donors, partners, employees, etc.).

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Company manifesto example: Wildya


As I said at the beginning of this article, we’ve just created our company manifesto for Wildya.

So, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to share a concrete company manifesto example with you.

But please make the manifesto yours. You can include anything that judges crucial knowledge that every team member should know.

Here are the 10 components of the Wildya manifesto.

1. Your vision, goal, and mission

This is the first aspect people must know when joining the team. It is the north star that guides the way, no matter how hectic the outside world gets.

2. Your why, how, and what

This part clarifies why your nature venture exists in the first place, how you tackle the challenge in front of you, and what exact activity you do.

3. Your origin story

Everyone loves a great origin story. An origin story makes your entire nature venture more human. No matter when people join, they will immediately feel more connected because they get a grasp of the history of your nature venture.

4. The reasons why you created your nature venture

This part was immensely useful for me. Depending on my conversations with people, I mention other reasons why I created Wildya. Yes, the biodiversity crisis is the main reason, but there are still plenty of others. It shows how much you thought about this, so newcomers can immediately build on these reasons.

5. The pillars of your nature venture

There is a good chance that your biodiversity business will change in the future. However, certain pillars are very unlikely to change. I chose 3. They provide stability, no matter how hard the storm becomes.

6. Your values

Here, you write the values that your environmental NGO should stand for. Values embody the spirit and culture of your nature venture. So, if you want people to behave in a certain way, values are an excellent way to provide direction. Make sure to embody them as a leader. It’s much more powerful than just writing them on a wall.

7. Your brand

In this part, you share the story about the logo, name, colors, and co. This is especially important for the marketing team. But everyone benefits if they know what the name of your nature venture stands for.

8. The people you serve

To make your nature venture work, you need to serve people. It might be governments, donors, customers, philanthropists, etc. No matter who they are, write them here so it becomes clear to everyone who you serve. Yes, you serve nature, but to do that, you need money, so who do you serve to get that money?

9. Your main KPI

After a while, you will have plenty of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in your nature venture. If you are not careful, teams can start to optimize their KPIs even if they damage those of the others. So, it is crucial to find a company KPI that all teams get behind.

10. Look into the future

Here, the idea is to provide a brief glimpse into the future. What questions keep you up at night, and what is the general direction you want to take your nature venture in?

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Your turn: craft a compass for your nature venture by writing your NGO or business manifesto

5 steps to write your company manifesto

1. Reflect on your why

Start by reflecting on why you started your nature venture. What drives you? What change do you want to see?

2. Define your core values

Identify the core values that shape your approach. Are you driven by creativity, ambition, order?

3. Articulate your vision

Clearly state your vision. How do you see your venture shaping the future of our planet?

4. Make it personal and powerful

Your manifesto should resonate on a personal level. Use powerful, emotive language.

5. Keep it dynamic

Remember, as your venture evolves, so can your manifesto. It’s a living document.

Your cheat sheet: tools and resources to craft your NGO or business manifesto

Best tool to create your business manifesto

👉 Miro.

Miro is a virtual whiteboard that is great for mind mapping your ideas.

Best book to find your why

👉 Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

According to my opinion, this is one of the best books for inspiration on finding your ‘why.’

Best template to design your company manifesto

👉 Canva.

Most of you probably use or know this tool. It is great for designing an eye-catching manifesto (even with the free version).

In conclusion, a company manifesto is more than just words on paper. It’s a declaration of your venture’s soul.

As you embark on this introspective journey, remember that your manifesto is your compass, guiding your decisions, actions, and growth.

As always, if you need a hand in crafting your manifesto or any other aspect of your nature venture, Wild Business Mates are here to help.

Wishing you a week of profound insights and inspired actions!



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