Our Expertise

Biodiversity Heroes, we got you.

Lets make it simple

Rather than trying to impress you with exquisite business lingo, let us cut to the chase

Below you can find a list of real-life roadblocks for biodiversity heroes that we observed in the past years. 

Most of the time we need to tackle a combination of those to truly double your impact. 

We can help you with all of them. 


  • How can I scale our efforts?
  • How can we prioritize better? 
  • What should we accomplish in the next 3 years? 
  • How can we accomplish our 3-year plan?
  • What is the most impactful way to execute our vision?
  • How can I create a clear vision & mission?
  • How can we change? 
  • Why do I even need a vision?
  • How can I increase our output with the same amount of people?
  • How can we expand to new countries?
  • What should be our milestones for this year?
  • How can we measure our work better? 

Business Development

  • Where can we get money from?
  • How can I acquire stronger partnerships?
  • Why are we not selling anything?
  • Why is nobody donating?
  • How can I create a sales funnel? 
  • How can I sell ourselves better?   
  • Why is our money running out every month? 
  • How can I reduce our costs? 
  • What is a pitch deck? 
  • Why is nobody wanting to finance my idea?


  • Why are we not getting any followers? 
  • Why is nobody signing up to our newsletter? 
  • Why is nobody coming to our website? 
  • How can we get journalists to write about us? 
  • Why can nobody remember our name? 
  • How can I attract more people without spending tons of money? 
  • Who could be interested in our services? 
  • Which social media should I chose? 


  • How can we digitally transform our NGO or business? 
  • Why is a website important?
  • How can I create a modern website?
  • I see that we have visitors on our website, why is nobody taking action?
  • Which tools should we use to increase our impact? 
  • Do I need to create an app? 
  • What the hell are Chat GPT, Web3, Blockchain & co. and should I use them? 

Ready to tackle your roadblocks?