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Hi biodiversity hero! I am Oliver Founder of Wild Business Mates.

I do this “Double your Impact” newsletter, because I want You to tap into the business skills I acquired over the past years.

You don’t need an MBA, you just need to show up on Saturday, read the newsletter, and implement, what makes sense to you.

Week by week you will double your impact.


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Why another newsletter?

Frequently Asked Questions

To be fully honest, we were not sure about it at the beginning as well.

But here why we decided to do it:

  • We can offer it for free, thereby making it available for everyone
  • Social Media became a hectic place, even if you follow someones content, doesn’t mean you will see it
  • We noticed that many biodiversity heroes still use mails frequently
  • It is a great format for the slower growth format. 1 tip per week. You can read it, reflect on it and make a plan for the next week how to implement it.

Sure you can! We would actually love practical problems. Send your problem to and we will see when we can build it into the newsletter.

Easy and any time. Just scroll down to any of the newsletter we sent you. Click on unsubscribe.

Transparency is crucial for us. So hear the 3 reasons.

  1. Free means that every biodiversity hero can consume it and start doubling their impact. Thereby we hope to contribute to the ambition mission to stop biodiversity loss.
  2. You can easily see if our paid services are of quality. If our free services help you already immensely, you can imagine what we can do on a 1-to-1 session with you.
  3. Nature needs any help it can get, so we want to reach as many biodiversity heroes as possible. We know that paid services are not for everyone.