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You don’t have the time or the skills to execute some of your business ideas? Worry no more, Wild Business Mates got your back.

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Business Development

Wild Business Mates

You can directly contact them via Linkedin and the Wild Business Mates will get back to you shortly. 

You only have to click on the Linkedin Box to be redirected.

Ross Patman

Product Engineer

Founder of Anibles and your mate when it comes to software, apps or other tricky technical execution.

Marion Murvine


Your mate when it comes to logo design, brand identity, User Interface, User Experience & co.

Giuseppe Forestieri

Animator & Creative Director

Founder of Motion Aptitude Invaluable if you are looking to enhance your communications with engaging animations & infographics.

Oliver Dauert


Founder of  Wildya & Wild Business Mates. Your mate when it comes to creating a vision & how to realize it. 

Illiya Vjestica

Visual Storytelling Expert

Founder of The Presentation Designer and your mate when it comes to creating visuals that capture the attention of your audience.

Julia Dejakum

Marketing Expert

Your mate to get the attention of the people. Get the spotlight you deserve. 

Marie Cavillon

Customer Marketing

Founder of Leesen. Your mate when it comes to nurturing your existing customer base, as well as growing it. 

Katelijn Van Munster

Science Communicator

Your mate when it comes to breaking down complex science so that everyone can admire your inspiring work. 

Jake Manion

Interactive Director & Producer

Your mate when it comes to designing & producing interactive games and experiences to engage your audience.

Emily Blegvad-Monroe

Video Editor & Drone Pilot

Your mate to tap into video. From the ground or up in the sky, she will capture the story you want to tell like no other. 

Matyas Baan

Social & Environmental Safeguarding Specialist

Founder of Habitat & HabitusYour mate that brings social & environmental aspects together. Making sure that all impacts are considered & risks are reduced.

Lindy Damen

XR Specialist

Founder of eVRgreen StudioYour mate engages your supporters by blurring the line between virtual and reality. 

Christine Nikander

Legal Counsel (EU)

Founder of Palsa & Pulk and your mate when it comes to legal and compliance questions within the EU.

Alana Scott

NGO Starter

Founder & Director of the NGO Kernow Conservation. Your mate when it comes to learning how to start a non-profit (income streams, operations & communications).

What you get


- Preparation Call to align on the mission, budget & timeframe


- Execution of your desired work


- When you are satisfied, you can consider to extend the partnership

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How do you chose Wild Business Mates?

Frequently Asked Questions

All our Wild Business Mates are handpicked. We gate the community rigorously to ensure the highest quality.

We worked with all Wild Business Mates and know them personally as well. So we are 100% confident that they will be a game changer for you.

Plus, they are all nature enthusiasts, so they can relate to your pain points.

As mentioned above we are very selective. So at first we need to work together, before joining the Wild Business Mates.

Feel free to reach out to to arrange a call.

The question is hard to answer, because it massively depends on what services you need help with. 

Social Media execution has a different price tag than creating an app. 

However, we only work with Wild Business Mates that have a great value for money offer. 

  1. Just click on their Linkedin icon and you will directly end up at their Linkedin Profile.
  2. Send them a connection request with a note that you would like to collaborate.
  3. The Wild Business Mate will get back to you.