Double Your Impact

You know how to protect & rewild nature.

We will help you double your impact, by boosting your business performance. 

Wild Business Mates

Biodiversity heroes like YOU have one thing in common.

You need money to create impact. 

Wild Business Mates will help you to double your impact, by helping you with the business aspects of your nature business, NGO or idea.

So that you can concentrate on what YOU are great in, creating an impact. 

Common Problems Biodiversity Heroes face

Not enough money to finance the Impact
Struggling to get attention
Which Business Actions to Prioritise
Getting People to act

Our Solutions

Business Consulting

1-2-1 business consulting to tackle your specific roadblocks, that prevent you from doubling your impact.

Business Execution

No time or skills to implement the changes it takes to reach your new level? We got you! Thanks to our Wild Business Mates.

Our Expertise

Business Development

Free Resources

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Biodiversity Hero OS

Operating System that will double your impact thanks to tools, financial possibilities, marketing techniques, best practices & co.

Impact Blog

Sooner or later, all of our newsletter posts end up on our blog. So that you can always come back to read up.

Wild Ambassador

Currently lack the funds to get the paid services? No problem, gain credits just by talking about us. 

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They trust us

People behind

Hi Biodiversity Hero!

My name is Oliver, Founder of Wild Business Mates.

I love nature, but during my brief lifetime, I have witnessed a scary decline in it.

To combat this, I gained business skills that I would like to share with you now.

With these skills, you can double your impact, so that together, we can double nature.

Mates-Wild Ambassador-Koala

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