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Supercharge your speed and double your impact in a matter of weeks. Personal calls that address your biggest roadblocks and remove them.

Flexible Packages


100% Personalised

A series Of Calls That

Reduce the time between now & your double impact. And why stop there?

2, 5 & 10 hour packages

100% tailor-made solutions

Detailed action plan

Transparent & easy pricing

Impact or money back guarantee

No lingo & easy to follow

Business Development

What you get


- 30min FREE Intro call to see if we have chemistry
- Detailed preparation notes
- Choice of payment plan
- Choice of time allocation
- Impact indicator selection


- Xh video calls
- Video recording of the calls
- Actionable meeting notes


- Action plan with clear steps towards your double impact - You can allocate time for us to execute the actions


- Access to exclusive WhatsApp community of biodiversity heroes
- Bespoke list of Biodiversity Hero OS entries
- Free 30 min follow up call after 2 months
- We use 10% of this revenue to protect nature in Australia

Meet your Wild Business Mate


Hi Biodiversity Hero!

I am Oliver Founder of Wild Business Mates.

The resources that I provide for free do not work for everyone, some need a helping hand. 

With that in mind, I wanted to offer 1-2-1 business consulting. My time is unfortunately very limited (15h per month), which is why it comes with a certain price tag.

That being said it is the shortest & quickest route to double your impact. 

What makes me different

Biodiversity Heroes Reviews

They trust us

Choose your plan

Speed up your process towards doubling your impact like the infamous predators of the African bush. 

I only have 15h per month available, meaning 3 lion packages. 


$ 250
  • Free 30 min intro call
  • 1h Consulting Call
  • 30 min Preparation
  • 30 min Action plan


$ 600
  • Free 30 min intro call
  • 3h Consulting Call
  • 1h Preparation
  • 1h Action Plan


$ 1200
  • Free 30 min intro call
  • 6h Consulting Call
  • 2h Preparation
  • 2h Action Plan

Impact or money back guarantee

We believe in YOU & ourselves that we can double your impact.

So if you follow our recommendations & they don’t create the desired impact we give you your money back. No questions asked. 

We created Wild Business Mates to help biodiversity heroes, not to rip them off. 

Here are some examples to show you the potential Return on Investment. 

Double Your Revenue

If we double your revenue stream, would it justify the initial investment of this consulting?

Double your Audience

If we double the amount of your your audience (Newsletter, Social Media etc.), would it justify the initial investment of this consulting?

Double your Efficiency

If you & your team manages to double their work output, would it justify the initial investment of this consulting?

Not ready yet?
No problem, try our free resources first.

Double Your Impact

1 business tip per week how to double your impact, straight to your mailbox.

Wild Ambassador

Gain credits for this 1-to-1 business consulting, by talking about us.

Biodiversity Hero OS

Operating System that will double your impact thanks to tools, financial possibilities, marketing techniques, best practices & co.

Impact Blog

All newsletter posts, will sooner or later reach our blog. So you can always come back to read up.

Why isn't this free as well?

Frequently Asked Questions

We would make everything for free if we could, yet we also need to pay our bills. 

We provide many free services and plan to launch even more in the future. 

But in order to do so we need to find the right balance between free and paid service, so that we can sustain this business in the long run. 

Not yet, we have some ideas in mind but would love to hear from you what you have in mind.

Feel free to reach out to oliver@wildbusinessmates.com

We don’t believe so, but obviously, we are biased.

We broke our brains to come up with a price that reflects our value, while at the same time considering your reality as a biodiversity hero.

Considering the market prizes and our skill set + our 1% For the Planet Commitment + Impact or Money Back guarantee, we believe you still struck a deal.

Please keep in mind this service is not a cost, but an investment. The entire idea is that you get much more in return in comparison to what you invested.

There is only one thing you can lose here: time. 

If we don’t double your impact we can give you your money back, but we can’t give you your time back. 

Regarding the rest no risk for you: 

  • Payment plan to spread the investment
  • No Impact No Money Guarantee
  • Free Intro Call

I am the founder of Wildya, which takes most of my time.

One day a week I focus on Wild Business Mates. But during this day I write the newsletter, look for new Wild Business Mates, improve the website etc. 

Leaving me with not much time to consult others unfortunately.