No fluff, but all the info you need to decide, if what we do here is something that could help you in your ambitious nature mission. 

Our Vision

We envision a world full of wildlife. 

It was breaking my heart to see so many great nature initiatives out there that are struggling to finance their mission. I needed to act, so Wild Business Mates was born.

Oliver - Founder of Wild Business Mates

Our Mission

We empower biodiversity heroes to improve their business performance so that they can double their impact. 


Why we
do it

You are a biodiversity hero so we don’t need to tell you that we are losing nature every single second and that nature is critically underfinanced. 

We need to collaborate as much as we can to turn this crisis around. 

The most common issue we came across for biodiversity heroes was getting money to fund their impact. 

That’s what is so frustrating right now. The science is clear, we have the solutions how to turn things around, but not the financial means to do it. 

We are unfortunately not rich like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates & co. So we can’t give you money directly, but we can help you to get it

So that you can focus on what you are best at, creating an impact. 

The Person Behind This

Hi Biodiversity Hero! 

Yep, it is me again. You probably discovered me already on the different pages. 

So I will keep it brief here.

I grew up in Berlin, loving nature.

I Lost myself in the teens because nature was not cool.

After High School, I went to live in Australia for a year & rediscovered myself. Nature is awesome.

Studied business to learn how to make companies a force for good, rather than what they are now.

Lived abroad in 6 countries to understand us humans better & discover more wild places.

Worked in E-Commerce, Mobility, Non-profit, hospitality, and tourism, to positively change those industries. From 10-200 employees, I covered different sizes.

Created some side hustles to tip-toe into entrepreneurship.

Learned what real crisis management is by becoming a leader of a team in a tourism company, while Covid broke out.

Became a certified field guide in South Africa.

Decided in December 2022 to quit my job and go all in on Wildya

Wanted to not only work on my idea but help other ecopreneurs, so I started Wild Business Mates.