9 online collaboration platforms that help biodiversity heroes have more impact

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The biodiversity crisis is massive. Alone, we don’t stand a chance. So, let’s join forces and have a bigger impact together.

Until I started posting on LinkedIn regularly, I was under the impression that no one cares about nature and that I must fix the biodiversity crisis just by myself.

Sounds ridiculous now, but back then, that was my limiting belief.

Thankfully, now, I can see how many inspiring and like-minded people out there want to create a wilder world in their particular ways.

So, this blog post is all about online collaboration platforms that enable us to unite our strengths and skills to go faster and further toward our goals of saving our planet. No one can fix this nature crisis alone, but together, we stand a chance.

1. Biodiversity Builders Base: your new online collaboration platform


I just created this online collaboration platform last week in preparation for the Blue Earth Summit. It didn’t sit right with me that I have the privilege of going there, and you all can’t be there. So, I created this Excel. There are already 69 entries at the time I’m writing this.

The idea is that you can enter your nature venture to share about your services and your roadblocks. Like this, we create additional exposure so you might find funding, more talents, B2B partners, grants, and co.

If you are an individual or freelancer who is currently looking for a job in the nature field, you can also register yourself there by using the link above.

Like this, I can be the eyes and ears of the event.

But let’s take this further. Make the base your own and check out the fantastic individuals and nature ventures, and look for synergies.

2. Wild Labs: the hub for tech and nature enthusiasts

Wild Labs is the perfect community for those who combine tech with nature. Stephanie created this platform. You find there a vivid community of nature enthusiasts that talk about the newest nature tech, career opportunities, events & etc.

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3. Wild Hub: your active community to talk about the wild world

Wild Hub is a relatively new community but also full of inspiring people. It is less techy and more a general forum to exchange about the state of the wild world. Thirza is doing a fantastic job of keeping the community active.

4. Impactful Animal Advocacy: the virtual place to be for animal welfare advocates

The Impactful Animal Advocacy Slack community is more focused on animal welfare and currently has 1,200 members in their community. In Slack, you can ask for help, provide support, share celebrations, and much more.

5. Green Tech Alliance: the online collaboration platform for planet-savvy tech professionals

The Greentech Alliance is a very fast-growing community of people who want to use tech for good. The community has 3,000 members and plenty of partners that constantly provide additional value. One thing I love the most is the events they provide around financing, pitching & co. Most tech companies are climate-related so far.

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6. Good Ripple: the crossing point to find like-minded people

Carlos is one of my favorite content creators on Linkedin, and he is doing a fantastic job of rallying impacters of all kinds around him. The Good Ripple community is already at 1567 people. Plenty of synergies to explore here.

7. Y Combinator: the online collaboration platform by Google

This is Google’s master program for tech start-ups. Their page has a great matching tool to find potential co-founders. This is perfect if you are currently blocked and looking for team members who can build the next big nature venture together.

8. LinkedIn: the best social media platform to collaborate with like-minded people

I don’t need to introduce that community that much because that’s probably how you found me in the first place. But LinkedIn is a great place to find new synergies. I daily find new incredible people or nature ventures on there. So, if you don’t know where to start, have a look through my connections. I basically don’t consume any other content.

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9. Earthed: a key ally to create a wilder planet together

Not sure where to start and feeling more like learning again? Earthed is a great platform to find more ways you can create a wilder planet. Additionally, you get to know like-minded people who also want to learn about coral gardening, river restoration & etc.

Why do we need to use these online collaboration tools NOW? Because, in the next 7 years, we will decide about the next thousand. Scary, I know. But we can do this.

The time of competition is over. Collaboration has to be the way forward, so I hope this will nudge you in the right direction to find like-minded people to team up with.

What could be your action for the upcoming week to increase your positive impact on our planet?

Easy! Join one community and be an active contributor.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as that to make the world wilder.

See you next week. Have a wild one!



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